Welcome to the World Fellowship of Rotarian Gourmets which received its Charter from Rotary International on April 3, 1991! If you are thinking of starting a Gourmet Fellowship in your area, here's how easy it is ! 

Invite a few interested Rotarians and their spouses, from two or more of your neighboring clubs, to an informal get together at your home. Suggest that they each bring a dish of hors d'hoeuvres etc. for this first information. "social". 

Explain the Aims & Objectives of Our Fellowship which are to promote Fellowship through :

1. Cooking and enjoying fine foods of all countries 
2. Appreciation of good wines of all countries 
3. Creation of innovative recipes and their exchange between our member chapters.
4. Learning the finer art of food decoration and presentation. 
5. Just being together with friends who share mutual interests. 

Once you have a commitment from a few couples, elect your officers

  • Maitr'D (President) 
  • Head Chef (Vice President) 
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer, and 
  • Sous Chefs / Directors (number is optional) 

Plan your first dinner date and select your theme from a country of your choice. 

Delegate which member will prepare which dish for each course and who will be responsible for the appropriate wines etc. 

Select a host home - (Remember that the host home must be tidied up and left in the same condition, or better, than when you first arrived!) 

Take turns in home hosting

The main purpose of this fellowship is to learn to prepare dishes which you may have been hesitant to try on your own. So make every effort to prepare at least one dish at the host home so that everyone can learn and participate.

Dinners can be held as often as you wish- monthly, every 6 weeks - whatever suits your 'taste'!.

  • Remember that as a member of the World Fellowship of Rotarian Gourmets, you will be more than welcome to attend any dinner being held by any Chapter, during your travels to other countries, hence the importance of submitting current information for our website. As we expand, we would like to see each Chapter produce its own website as well as their own aprons for exchange between Chapters. 
  • Contact rotariangourmet@shaw.ca for more information
  • View us on Facebook for more content
De Gazpacho No Hay Empacho !