Recipes from the Rotary Gourmet Chapters
How to filet a fish

Chef : Wilbur Walrond
Chapter : Richmond (1)
Approx. prep time :

To filet, place filet knife between flesh and bones with the point toward the spine, and starting from the head. Keeping knife close to the  bones, gently pull toward the front. progressing toward the tail. Do the same with the other side. 
Next, like a surgeon, cut between the flesh toward the spine without cutting through to the back of the fish. Do same with the other side. You should now have the 'skeleton' free from the sides of the fish and restrained only at the spine.
Next place your fingers around the 'skeleton' close to the head, break away the bones from the flesh and gently pull away the 'skeleton' from the the back of the fish, toward the tail. Break away the bones from the tail, as far as you can. Voila! The fish is intact without the bones. You can now stuff your fish with a filling of your choice or in the case of 'salmon vilbere' (see recipe), you can cut through the back and you now have two nice filets.