Salmon Vilbere

Chef :

Chapter :

Approx. prep time :

  • salmon filets
  • brown sugar - enough to make a 'bed'
    on a platter the size of the filets
  • salt
  • a dash of curry (optional)
  • lemon pepper (to taste)
  • a dash of oregano
Place all of the ingredients - except the salmon- into a bowl, mix and keep tasting and adding a dash of salt at a time, until you can just begin to taste the 'salt more than the sugar'.

Spread the mixture of brown sugar on tin foil ( for easier cleaning latter) on a platter or in a receptacle with a cover. Lay the filet flesh side down on the brown sugar and place in the refrigerator overnight, if possible, or at least several hours before cooking. The brown sugar mixture will eventually melt into a syrup and soak into the fish (instant sushi if you like!).

Place on the BBQ, flesh side down for a few (one or two) minutes in order to 'sear' the flesh, then turn over on the skin side and BBQ until done - look for when the milk in the fish begins to seep out - you will know when it is ready to be savored.